Bradley Digital Smoker is your 4-Rack Smoker for Ease and Efficiency

bradley digital smoker Bradley Digital Smoker is your 4 Rack Smoker for Ease and EfficiencyBradley Digital Smoker

star Bradley Digital Smoker is your 4 Rack Smoker for Ease and Efficiencystar Bradley Digital Smoker is your 4 Rack Smoker for Ease and Efficiencystar Bradley Digital Smoker is your 4 Rack Smoker for Ease and Efficiencystar Bradley Digital Smoker is your 4 Rack Smoker for Ease and Efficiencyhalfstar Bradley Digital Smoker is your 4 Rack Smoker for Ease and Efficiency (4.5/5)

This is perfect for entertaining large group of guests, using the Bradley Digital Smoker makes things easy to smoke, roast, and barbecue your favorite cut meats without monitoring it from time to time.

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This Bradley Digital Smoker includes the entire features of the Bradley’s novel smoker; however it has the added benefits such as the digital technology.

Using the digital control panel of this smoker, it can allow you to control temperature, smoke and the time spent in the whole cooking process.

This can allow you decide on how long you wanted the food to be cooked or how much smoke is needed and at what temperature too. The independent, clean-burning smoker of Bradley Digital Smoker with digital feature is simple to utilize. This smoker works using the burning process of Bradley’s flavoured bisquettes basically for about 20 minutes using consistent temperature inside the generator.

Then it automatically advances the smoke off going to the burner. Through consistent maintenance of reasonable temperature, this digital smoker gets rid of the high-temperature acids, gases, as well as resins which may tamper the flavour and the appearance of your smoked food. The secret is to clean it so that there will be no after tastes left in the smoker.

The Bradley Digital Smoker features hot and cold smoking methods. In the method of hot smoking, the temperature ranges generally from 180 to 250 degrees F because it is perfect for cooking fish and meats. The time spent in cooking varies depending on the cut of meat you are smoking and how you wanted it to be cooked. On the other hand, cold smoking is a bit longer and often times you cook along with foods such as bacon, ham and other fish smoking methods. The temperature basically ranges from 60 to 80 degrees F. This smoker can be used as a slow oven for roasting or a slow cooker.

The Bradley Digital Smoker is created using the powder epoxy steel along with the polished stainless-steel core for holding heavy meals. It has a plate inside using the low heating element and it uses flavoured bisquettes for clean smoke. It has secondary heating element for manipulating the temperature inside the smokehouse.

Because of the dimensions of the Digital Smoker from Bradley, it can accommodate lots of food especially for large gatherings. There is a recipe booklet included so that it can be a guide for cooking gourmet foods and other dishes that you prefer.  It weighs 42 pounds making it light enough to be carried around the vicinity, patio or merely take it to your friend’s house just like an outdoor picnic. The Bradley digital smoker has 1 year product warranty.

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Bradley Digital Smoker Product Features:

  • This Digital Smoker from Bradley is an outdoor barbecue smoker using the complete digital control designed for smoke, time and temperature.
  • It has 4 racks for cooking meat, pork, chicken, fish, and a lot more.
  • Bradley Digital Smoker gives you 8 hours of manipulated cool smoke that can be controlled up to 320 degrees F.
  • This smoker is ideal for entertaining lots of guests as well as creating your own gourmet foods at the comfort of your home.
  • The dimensions of the Bradley Digital Smoker are 17 by 14 by 31 inches and when the generator is attached it is 24 inches wide.


Bradley Digital Smoker Pros and Cons:


  • This Bradley Digital Smoker has wide interior to cater large gatherings and family occasions.
  • The digital smoker from Bradley has the traditional disk for low temperature cooking and a dip tray for easy cleaning.
  • It has 4 racks intended for accommodating foods such as meats, fish, cheese and a lot more.
  • The smart feature of this product is the hot and cold smoking methods.
  • It has a good 1 year product warranty which makes it dependable.
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  • Other customers have issues about inaccurate digital temperature display.


What customers have to say about the Bradley Digital Smoker?

According to Kromane a smoking master, this new product from Bradley is great making grilling and smoking a lot easier. His wife suggested that they will purchase it and they are not frustrated. This is ideal for big outdoor gatherings.

Based on the experience of C. T. Vanderdeken, this Bradley Digital Smoker has a good quality plus it has great features. This looks like a small fridge that you can put lots of meats or dishes to cook. He highly recommends this Bradley Digital Smoker to people who love outdoor smoked food.

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